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Biology/Art Product Possibilities
Design a wiki or web page
Make a sketch
Be a "lab expert" and assist students
Create a TV commercial
Design a graphic novel
Write a play or skit
Write and illustrate a children's book
Formulate and defend a theory
Develop an exhibit
Design a game
Conduct a training session
Write a biography
Write a series of letters
Design and teach the class a lesson
Present a photo-essay
Conduct a series of interviews
Perform a demonstration
Develop and use a questionnaire
Create a magazine advertisement
Present a news report
Conduct a debate
Design a structure
Choreograph a dance
Make a video documentary
Design and conduct an experiment
Write and perform a song
Write a poem
Plan a journey
Develop a museum exhibit
Design or create a musical instrument
Compile a booklet or brochure
Draw a set of blueprints
Do a puppet show
Design and make costumes
Present an interior monologue
Create charts/diagrams to explain ideas

General Characteristics of the Rush Arts Biology Classroom:

  • Students will create realistic learning experiences that will lead them to elaborate on and restructure current knowledge. Meaningful learning involves discovering, questioning, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information!
  • Students will frequently engage in complex, meaningful, problem-based activities whose content and goals are negotiable.
  • Students will have frequent opportunities to debate and discuss substantive issues.
  • A primary goal for instruction is for students to learn to think for themselves.
  • Students will engage in high-level cognitive processes as explaining ideas, interpreting texts, predicting phenomena, and constructing arguments based on evidence.
  • In addition to written exams, students will be required to write reports, make oral presentations, build models, and engage in problem-solving activities.
  • Student knowledge is viewed as continually undergoing revision!